What is MAIORUM? In Latin, MAIORUM means "better, greater, more experienced." MAIORUM products combine many years of manufacturing experience, reliable raw materials, care of nature and human. MAIORUM are solid, high-quality acrylic paints as well as a primer and a putty.

Why MAJOR QUALITY? Choosing MAIORUM products you will not rely on success, but on quality. We use only proven raw materials that meet EU standards. Stable quality is ensured by purified technology. MAIORUM paint will be your reliable and creative assistant in creating a cozy home or a modern office interior. Exceptional product quality is confirmed by test protocols and certificates.


MAIORUM Silver line paints - Silver Heaven, Silver Vision and Silver Legend - contain BIOMASTER silver ions, which prevent bacteria and fungi from affecting the surface. Contact with painted surfaces kills up to 99.9% of bacteria and fungi. The resistance to bacteria (E coli, MRSA) and fungus (Asp. Niger) has been confirmed by tests carried out by an independent UK laboratory, IMSL.
BIOMASTER silver ions provide indefinite protection against bacteria and fungi for surfaces painted with this paint, but do not eliminate bacteria and mold which have already been on the surface before painting. On the other hand, paint is perfectly safe for use in children's rooms, other dry or humid rooms. Silver Heaven, Silver Vision and Silver Legend paints containing BIOMASTER silver ions have been awarded the Ecolabel mark.


Maiorum Silver line paints - Silver Heaven, Silver Vision and Silver Legend – have been awarded the ECOLABEL mark (EU Ecolabel: LT/044/012). It is a confirmation that these paints are eco-friendly, environmentally friendly and safe for human.

In any EU country, purchasers of ECOLABEL-marked paints can be sure that those paints meet the same, uniform environmental requirements for the raw materials and the paint itself as the final product.