Luxurious shine

With STARS paint, you create a distinctive interior accent. Thanks to the reflective silver particles, STARS paint gives the walls and ceilings a shine-brilliance effect effect. This effect is directly proportional to the illumination, i.e. with greater natural or artificial light, the shine-brilliance effect increases. With STARS, you can choose to paint only the one wall you want to accentuate, or create a playful dynamic atmosphere throughout your home.

Acrylic paint STARS

With glitter

Properties: due to the light reflecting silver-colour glitter, paint STARS creates to the surface a shine-brilliance effect. This effect is directly proportionate to the lightening of the surface, i.e. by the higher natural or artificial lightening, the shine-brilliance effect is increasing. Contains no solvents, water-diluted paint, with a mild, characteristic odour, very well covering, forms a matt water vapour-permeable film resistant to wet scrubbing. Purpose: for painting of evenly puttied surfaces, plaster, gypsum board, wallpaper, brick masonry, concrete, various panels, and other mineral surfaces in staircases, corridors, children rooms, living rooms, offices and other premises. staircases living rooms. Surface preparation: The painted surfaces must be clean, solid and dry. Adhesion reduction agents - grease, lubricants, dust, glue, mortar residue, aged flaking paint, chalk surfaces – must be cleaned prior to painting. Prime the weak and porous surfaces with Maiorum Vinyl DEEP. Putty the prepared surfaces with Maiorum Vinyl GRAIN. Prime with Maiorum Vinyl DEEP between putty layers if they will be rubbed. If the putty surface was rubbed, prime with Maiorum Vinyl DEEP prior to painting.

Painting conditions: surface and ambient temperature during the work and drying must be at least +5°C, optimum conditions are at +20°C temperature and 65% relative air humidity. New plaster can be painted no earlier than after 14 days. Avoid direct sunlight and strong draught. Painting: it is recommended to use the paint of one batch and pigmentation for painted area. It will help to avoid various shades. Stir the paint well and dilute with water up to 10 %, if necessary. Paint evenly puttied surfaces two layers with brush, roller or sprayer. Motley (not evenly puttied) surfaces paint not less than three layers. Yield: 5-7 m2/l (with two layers). Drying time: at +20°C temperature and 65% relative air humidity the paint is not sticky after 1 hour; paint repeatedly after 5 - 7 hours. Paint film gets it full firmness after at least 24 days. Tool cleaning: wash the tools with water immediately after work. Storage and transport conditions: at least +5°C and no more than +30°C temperature in a sealed container. Protect from freezing and direct sunlight! Environmental and occupational safety: do not pour paint into drains, waters or soil. Avoid breathing vapor / aerosol. Avoid contact with eyes, skin or clothing. In case of insufficient ventilation, wear suitable respiratory protective equipment. If swallowed, immediately call a poison control center or doctor. If got into the eyes, immediately wash it with a large amount of water. Keep away from children. EUH208: may cause an allergic reaction. Contains 1,2-benzisothiazol-3(2H)-one. Volatile organic compounds: 1.1.4d) VOC limit value 30 g/l. The maximum in ready to use product 29,95 g/l.